Guide To Fix AOL Mail Not Working Issues

In today’s scenario, nobody can deny the importance of Emails. They have changed the way people communicate. AOL mail is one of the prominent email service providers that is known for its remarkable features. However, like other email clients, AOL also has some general emailing issues that cannot be avoided. If you wonder Why Is AOL Mail Not Working, nothing to worry about; these issues can be fixed using some simple steps.

There are various issues associated with AOL that may hinder your access to AOL email accounts. Let’s take a look at AOL issues and how you can fix them.

Problem 1. AOL not receiving emails

If your AOL mail not receiving emails on iPhone or Android, here’s what you can do:

● Check all the filters for your AOL account and delete the unnecessary ones.
● If you are not receiving any emails, go to your spam folder and check if the expected mail is there. If yes, then select the mail and mark it as Not Spam
● Ensure that the sender has not accidentally added you to the Block list.

Problem 2. AOL Mail Not Loading

If you are struggling with AOL Mail Not Loading issue, try a few tips mentioned below:

● If AOL is not loading mails, then check if your internet connection is strong or not. If not, then switch to a better network providing strong signal strength.
● If your AOL is not loading mails on iOS, then enable and disable the Airplane mode and try resetting the networking settings to avoid such issues.

Problem 3. AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone / iPad

If you have no idea how to fix the issue, follow the steps given below:

● First of all, go to the Settings option and then to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option.
● Select your AOL mail account and enter the correct email address.
● In the hostname field, enter
● Make sure to enter in the SMTP field and ensure that the server is switched on.
● Go back to the home screen and see if your issue is resolved.

So that was all about how you can fix AOL Not Working issues. Try them one by one if your AOL account is not working and creating issues. Hope this guide will help you resolve your issues. 
Author – Maria Hayden
Maria Hayden has more than nine years of IT expertise. He has been awarded numerous awards from various institutions and forums. His passion for helping people via his expertise has made him share his experience with readers via Blogs and articles.
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